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WEBurlesque the Podcast

May 29, 2021

Session 2: Reboots

Everything old is new again! As the 2010s continue this renaissance of reboots, remakes, and readjustments to existing favorite properties, our roundtable discusses the inevitable: is anything sacred?  What was successful?  What was... less so? On the precipice of new revisions of Powerpuff Girls, Dexter, and Sex and the City, and in the wake of reworks of She-ra, Animaniacs, The Craft, and Charmed, WE discusses the pluses, the minuses, and what WE hopes folks never touch.  

- WE(nerd)lesque Roundtable is a creation of WEBurlesque Podcast Network, produced by Viktor Devonne

- Your panel today is... 

- Produced by Viktor Devonne, reigning Mr Hollywood Burlesque, and celebrating15 years in burlesque.  White Elephant Burlesque recently closed a five year residency in Manhattan, and continues to produce White Elephant Burlesque virtually. Visit for details.