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WEBurlesque the Podcast

Feb 27, 2022

Whether you know her as Regina Stargazer, Cream Victoria, Virus the Clown, Jayson Mustachio, or that weirdo that is doing the weirdo shit, this entertainer has been thrilling and captivating for nigh on 16 years with White Elephant Burlesque.  A jack of several trades, from the creepy to the seductive, we've long...

Feb 24, 2022

WEBurlesque: SHOWcase ep. 1 feat. Cherry Valentine and THE EVIL AMONG US

Viktor Devonne sits with first-time virtual producer Cherry Valentine to discuss her foray into high concept digital burlesque.  Cherry takes the roles of star, writer, and director of The Evil Among Us, premiering on March 6, 2022. This...

Feb 16, 2022

Sharing my medical situation and my issues with Kaiser.

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