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WEBurlesque the Podcast

Mar 10, 2020

Bender Flames is a 1/3 of Denver's own boylesque troupe Burning Loins, and is also a notable performer and solo on his own. From the wilds of North Dakota, to touring to Vienna, Bender has seen a lot; we talk pop divas, gender roles, and playing for straights.

...topics: Bad Brother Burlesque, dabble with the heteros, personal stylist, masculinity, Ladies of the Night, genderblend, hosting, keeping the audience invited, pre-show ritual, turning off Bender, three Beyonces, idols and influences, Britney Spears, Rocky Horror, the Denver scene, Clocktower Cabaret, Ooh La La Presents, weirdo, New Mexico, Seattle Boylesque, dreams of 2020, Spongebob, a public service announcement

...shout-outs and acknowledgments: Indy Fire, Charlie Valentine, Inga, Mod Carousel, Faggedy Randy, Parker Go Peep, Lastrange Menagerie, Polka Dottie, Yvie Oddly, Jessica LeWhore, Shirley Delta Bue

...recorded: March 1, 2020 / released on March 9, 2020

...keep in touch: IG: @bender.flames @bodybybender @burningloins & ... give love to the pod at and see capsule reviews of previous episodes at

... intro/outro music: "On A 45" This Way to the Egress ( ... used with permission ... download it at: ... Check out: Viktor Devonne presents 2 Night Stay at Q ... interlude music: "Flames" (Dan Henig) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License .. see us live: ... follow us: @weburlesque @viktordevonne on instagram and twitter & talk to us: 73948280099