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WEBurlesque the Podcast

Dec 30, 2019

Viktor Devonne and Sucre a la Creme chat on the way home from the Ohio Burlesque Festival. We talk catharsis, saxophone solos, and the work that brings them together. topics: autobiographical burlesque, CSI Miami, Baker Street, the sax player, pinkwashing, good intent, breaking the chain, comedy is hard, established and most requested acts, neglecting acts, Pennsylvania, musical theatre, scary driving, D'Angelo, Hamilton, Groundhog Day, more secular than thou, the Airbnb experience, Punxsutawney, how cars burn, The Simpsons, Homer City, waffle brunch, saying hello on the street, knees recorded: August 5, 2018 shoutouts: Elsa Riot, The Blood Ballet Cabaret, Julian Michael, Anja Keister, Dorian Dietrich, Josh Schonewolf, Fem Appeal, Nox Falls, Holly Ween, Tigger! ... Support us on Patreon at and get bonus material ... keep in touch w/ WEBurlesque @weburlesque @viktordevonne on instagram and twitter; Sucre can be found at @sucrealacreme on instagram ... you can see White Elephant Burlesque every Wednesday at Rockbar NYC - see for more & Now on Second Tuesdays: #WEBoylesque at Bizarre Bushwick (next up: September 11, 2018!) - see for cast details - and now at Middletown Cabaret in Middletown, New York (next up: September 8th!) ... intro/outro music: "On A 45" This Way to the Egress ( ... used with permission ... download it at: ... interlude music: "Miami Nights - Extended Theme" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ...