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WEBurlesque the Podcast

Jun 28, 2021

Fancy Feast is one of the most beloved neoburlesque entertainers presently working in New York City.  A Miss Coney Island, multi-show producer, emcee, and working showgirl, Fancy Feast started in the field of sex education, having made the move from DC to NYC; soon after, she conquered the stage and even had a full length documentary filmed about her.  Viktor Devonne asks about it all!

- this episode was recorded on May 6, 2021 | call hook: @dj_stormageddon

- Hosted by Viktor Devonne, reigning Mr Hollywood Burlesque, and celebrating15 years in burlesque.  White Elephant Burlesque recently closed a five year residency in Manhattan, and continues to produce White Elephant Burlesque virtually. Visit for details.

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