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WEBurlesque the Podcast

Sep 4, 2023

"When I moved to Seattle, I joined some different dance companies and it was always just too pushy; like, I'm doing this for fun. And that's what I think why, when we joined burlesque-- because it is fun and I can create that story; what does this song mean to me, what is the song telling me, how do I want to express that to others. And I think that's what's so much fun about creating your persona and growing into your persona, is being able to hear a song and say 'Here's what that sounds like to me,' but to somebody else, they would take in a completely different direction." -- Moxie Blue

"Sometimes burlesque is covering yourself in fake blood, in my case covering yourself in lipstick. It's not as polished; I definitely feel like when I tell people that I do burlesque they're like. 'ooh Dita Von Teese doo-doo' and I'm like, oh no, it gets very weird on stage. I don't think that I will ever be as polished ask Christina [Aguilera] and I think that's okay.  The movie [Burlesque] itself I do; I enjoy it; it's fun, it's silly. I wish there was less of that one random man that Christina lives with and more of Cher." -- Pat Smear

Seattle's Moxie Blue and Pat Smear are a delightful pair of wits and and style, both together on stage and in their solo work. Starting in burlesque together, as mother and child, Moxie and Pat are a surprise in their ability to seamlessly work together and explore their disparate individual styles. We talk personas, adjusting mindsets, generational gaps, activism, and how it went performing in front of dad/husband. (this conversation was recorded July 20, 2023) 

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