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WEBurlesque the Podcast

Aug 21, 2023

"We're still very much on our own; the closest we come is the festival circuit... not regulated, not unified, and boy do they vary.  Everybody has a different idea... I had never been to a burlesque festival when I helped produce my first one; we'd have these meetings and people were like 'Well, traditionally in different places, blah blah blah--' and I'm like, 'Why, what, how... Can't we just...?'" 

Person of all the trades, Rebecca Mm Davis may be most recognized as co-producer of What The Funk Fest (winner of Favorite Festival for Silver Tusk Awards 2023) in Seattle, and emcee for multiple shows in the area.  Also an actress, show producer, notary public(!), and wedding officient, Rebecca shares with Viktor some tales from all these fields and more, including or favorite broads, reclaiming eras, hosting tips, and more! (this conversation was recorded July 18, 2023) 

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