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WEBurlesque the Podcast

Jun 5, 2023

"When I hit 30, I was redfinding dance and refinding home, and finding other areas of my sexuality, and just experimenting in new and fun ways.  That was a gateway drug to burlesque, but if I hadn't had those experiences first, it would have been harder to be myself on stage in front of other people, while I was taking my clothes off... I don't think I would have had the joy in it."

Red Velvet is a trained dancer who has become a versatile, frequently provocative and disarming.  A San Francisco wonder, Red Velvet chats about pets, beginnings, motivation, the film Burlesque and its effect on the scene, creating one's own opportunities, tiny dollhouses, ageism, and problematic elements within the scene.  And yes, we do talk about that, uh, other thing.  (this conversation was recorded May 24, 2023)

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