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WEBurlesque the Podcast

May 15, 2023

"We want this to be big, we want this to be memorable; we want this to make an impact in the industry, but also in New York.  Hip hop was born here, and we want to make sure we're doing this justice." -- Stella Nova

"Me and hip hop are the same age. We both just celebrated our milestone 50 years. I literaly grew up with hip hop; that age when you start to music and paying attention to what the cool stuff is, that's when hip hop was really starting to flourish.  I remember when Roxanne Shanté did Roxanne's Revenge and when Salt-N-Pepa did The Showstopper... And so I feel like it's just a part of me as anything in life is... Hip hop is like a sibling, almost." -- ILOV GRATE 

"I rememeber being young and walking with my mother in our neigthborhood [of Hollis] and her pointing out Run D.M.C. to me... and also I remember when I was a little older, we were playing outside and someone came over and said 'LL Cool J is in the church basement around the corner, playing basketball!' My love of hip hop was curated at home."  -- Rain Supreme

"This is an all BIPOC festival, and understanding that hip is, and was in its origins, a Black and Brown art form that was created in the Bronx in the 70s by Black and Brown folks. And it's got this global understanding now, and people of all different genres, and races, and ethnicities listen to it and appreciate it, and also culturally appropriate it; there's all the gimmick. But, this is a specifically BIPOC festival; we want to showcase that and obviously everyone can come and support and be entertained and be inspired by this festival."  -- Miss AuroraBoobRealis

Extraordinary New York burlesquers Rain Supreme, Miss AuroraBoobRealis, Stella Nova, and ILOV GRATE are coming together to bring forth a brand new festival celebrating hip hop music.  The Boombox Festival starts up with fundraising shows, such as May 20th at Coney Island and culminates in a extravaganza in September; with plans to expand already for 2024. Viktor gets a few behind the scenes moments from the four entertainers both as soloists and collaborators; plus inspired talks on race, class, misogyny, dance, stan wars, and who in current music is carrying the torch for the grandmasters. (this conversation was recorded May 7, 2023)

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