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WEBurlesque the Podcast

Oct 28, 2022

MOVIES THAT MADE WE (Ooky Spooky) returns for 2022, with discsussion from Mone't Ha-Sidi (Sacramento), and Miss Violet DeVille (Seattle), 2 masquerade enthusiasts who talk their favorite creatures, on earth and off.  Make your popcorn.        
WARNING: HERE BE SPOILERS. Film discussion includes Midsommar, The Thing, Creepshow, Alien, May, The Mist, and potentially others… WARNING: HERE BE SPOILERS.       
Full audio edition on #WEBurlesquePodcast with full length video version available at  
-  The #Movies That Made WE is a creation of #WEBurlesquePodcast Network, produced by #ViktorDevonne  
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