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WEBurlesque the Podcast

Oct 1, 2019

Viktor Devonne and Regina Stargazer have brunch and talk about old and new times. Having worked together for almost 15 years, they're still learning new and hilarious things about each other. Regina Stargazer won the Many Faced God/Meryl Streep Award at the 2018 Silver Tusks. You can see her burlesque as Regina, drag as Cream Victoria and Jayson Mustachio, and sometimes clown as Virus. She is a resident performer with White Elephant Burlesque, and with LadyQueen... topics: "never again" alcohol, the goth girl at the party, high school, KoRN and Marilyn Manson 20 years later, bad camp experience, 90s pop, Hole, The Violet Gashes?, incorrect predictions with RuPaul's Drag Race because BenDeLaCreme, Steamed Hams, meme queen, Instant Clarity Viktor, Ironic, leaving bad boyfriends for Rocky Horror, burlesque as an attainable goal, real life rockstars, SalonCon, 90s drag queens, LadyQueen, introducing Cream Victoria, makeup from mom, the hiatus, Beach Night, such a liar, #900 numbers, Miss Bio-WERRRK 2016, Peter from The Cosby Show, Pulse, being the B in LGBTIQ, be entertaining, gown and glove, no one knows it's a GWAR song, hidden tracks, Hot Topic burlesque, Rob Zombie and Puscifer, "Why are you stripping out of your clothes?," "Remember when I almost set that stage on fire?," Virus the Clown, too tame for The Box, Necromantic, the BP oil spill, six minutes and twenty-one seconds of "Skin" by Madonna, leaving it on stage, Zoe the Children's Party Clown, the evil clown trope and the current climate of clownery, Brighton Asylum, dad, Uncle Henry Rollins, re-evaluation, driving into New York... (recorded: February 17, 2018) ... shoutouts: Lucky Charming, Dolly Shot, Femme Fae la Butche, Gretchen Violetta, Betsy Radical, Anyanka, Crimson Kitty, Petra Fried, Hazel Tart, Lilith Le Fae, Princess Bitch, World Famous BOB, Tigger, Miss Poison Ivory, Billie Daze/Falana Fox, Krymson Scholar, Witti Repartee, Sasha Velour, Fem Appeal, Miss Cherry Delight, Florence D'Lee, Strawberry Cream Puff, Brides of Burlesque, Torrential Downpour... Stay in touch: Instagram, Facebook @reginastargazer & with @ladyqueen ... music: intro/outro music: "On A 45" This Way to the Egress ( ... used with permission ... download it at: ... interlude music: "Steppin Out" "Prohibition Blues" "Hep Cat Jive" Kevin MacLeod ( ... Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ... ... Thanks for listening! #weburlesquepodcast | @weburlesque | | your host: Viktor Devonne @viktordevonne